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ByteOMeter version 1.5 released

ByteOMeter now supports SNMP routers. Read more about how ByteOMeter monitors SNMP Routers.

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Net DSL Speed Test

Is your ISP giving you full value for your money or are DSL speed tests showing something else? Delivering internet connections to large areas is a complicated business. Close to the central, connections are typically close to their rated speed but farther away DSL speed tests may very likely not report satifying results. The reason for this is the attenuation present in copper cables, which are the most widely used transport medium for DSL and Cable internet infrastructure today. We are still running on a technology, which was implemented in the late 19th century, so until fiber optical cables have completely replaced the copper, we are stuck with antique net speeds. There is hardly any attenuation in fiber, but there is in cable, and your ISP may not have properly compensated for this when you line was established, so there is only one thing to do: Submit your DSL line to a speed test and see if you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for.

ByteOMeter as a DSL speed tester

Many ISPs have a speed test on their sites for customers to use. When using it, a small file (mostly in the range of one megabyte) is downloaded to the customers computer. After the download is complete, a serverside program calculates the average speed of the download and returns the result to the customers browser. This is a very simple way of testing bandwidth, which has a number of short comings.
ByteOMeter, on the other hand, is a program which is running on a computer all the time measuring both upload and download. Furthermore, it provdes a real-time graph showing the network activity. Also, if there is more than one computer in the network connected to the internet through an SNMP router, ByteOMeter can interoperate with this router and provide, also in a real-time graph, an accurate picture of the current network activity.
Therefore, ByteOMeter is perfect as a DSL speed tester: It is running all the time and in the form of graphs even gives visual feedback so also you can asses the stability of the DSL line!

Try now and see for yourself, download your own DSL Speed Tester here

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