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ByteOMeter version 1.5 released

ByteOMeter now supports SNMP routers. Read more about how ByteOMeter monitors SNMP Routers.

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DSL modem monitoring

A DSL modem, or ADSL (asynchronous digital subscriber line) modem is typically leased as a part of an internet connection provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provide). The DSL modem sits as the first piece of network equipment on the telephone line into a house. The DSL modem receives the signal from the ISP and then transforms it into another signal, which the router, computer or whatever is connected to the modem understands.

Monitoring your connection

Many ISPs have a speed test on their sites for customers to use. When using it, a small file (mostly in the range of one megabyte) is downloaded to the customers computer. After the download is complete, the average speed of the download and calculated and returned to the browser. This is a very simple way of testing bandwidth, which has a number of short comings.
ByteOMeter monitors the connection at any time the computer is on with no network overhead. ByteOMeter also monitors cable modems, "old-fashioned" modems and SNMP routers.

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